The Cloud Improves SMBs’ Security and Productivity, Study Finds


Jul, 13

The Cloud Improves SMBs’ Security and Productivity, Study Finds

The cloud may have its share of naysayers questioning its reliability and security, but the facts tell a different story. Last month, Microsoft released the results of a vendor-agnostic study conducted by independent research company comScore Inc., which polled companies in France, Austria, the U.K. and the Austria with 25–499 PCs. Cloud users were defined as companies using a subscription model service for data storage, email or calendar, online productivity, customer relationship management, database service, application hosting or management to manage and help secure computers, for enterprise resource planning, and/or compute capacity to run application code.

SMBs not currently using any cloud services, shared the following reasons for what was holding them back:
• Sixty percent cited concerns around data security.
• Forty-five percent worried that using the cloud would result in a lack of control over their data.
• Forty-two percent doubted the reliability of the cloud.

The experiences of SMBs who were using cloud services, however, was the complete opposite of those listed above — with ninety-four percent confirming improved security benefits compared with their former on-premises technology, such as up-to-date systems, up-to-date antivirus and email spam management. Additionally, sixty-two percent reported increased levels of privacy protection and seventy-five percent noted improved service availability.

The next time you run up against an objection from a client who’s reluctant to try a cloud service, use some of the stats from this research to tactfully challenge their thinking. Need a little more help overcoming those cloud objections? Check out this blog on a related topic, titled, “How To Overcome Cloud Security Objections In 5 Minutes.”

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