The Smart Way to Avoid Cloud Storage Pricing Pitfalls


Nov, 14

The Smart Way to Avoid Cloud Storage Pricing Pitfalls

Cloud Summit 2014

One of the regularly recurring themes we cover on CloudTalk is overcoming price objections. Since this is an ongoing struggle for many MSPs, I thought it would be helpful also to share links to three previous articles that have appeared earlier this year on CloudTalk:

Last week, Rob Merklinger, VP of sales at cloud backup and business continuity vendor Intronis, shared some helpful tips on this topic (see 3 Ways Successful MSPs Avoid Selling ‘Just’ Storage)

While all three of his points were valuable, the one point MSPs can’t afford to miss is this: Selling business continuity services differentiates you from those selling ‘just’ storage. According to Merklinger:

“Many SMBs have learned the hard way that there is a big difference between storing data and recovering it. While the former costs almost nothing, the latter is where the real value is for the customer, and where MSPs should be focusing their attention. Equally important to selling business preparedness services is selling a BCDR (business continuity and disaster recovery) plan, which should include a corresponding SLA (service level agreement) that defines contractually what the MSP agrees to provide before, during, and after a disruptive incident.”

The SLA can (and should) address the following three BCDR-related topics:

RTO (recovery time objective) – This is how long the client can be without certain data/IT services before experiencing negative effects.

RPO (recovery point objective)
– This refers to the specific amount of data than can be lost during the RTO period before experiencing negative effects.

RGO (recovery granularity objective)
– As its name suggests, an RGO defines how granular within the storage architecture recovery needs to be, including file level, block level, or transaction level. Each client’s specific need will determine whether VTLs (virtual tape libraries), snapshots, or CDP (continuous data protection) is required to log each individual change.

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