The Ingram Micro Service Desk 411 with Zafar Subzwari, Cloud Solutions Manager, Ingram Micro


Feb, 15


The Ingram Micro Service Desk 411 with Zafar Subzwari, Cloud Solutions Manager, Ingram Micro

Zafar Subzwari, Cloud Solutions Manager, Ingram Micro

Zafar Subzwari, Cloud Solutions Manager, Ingram Micro

Recently, the Ingram Micro Service Desk offering became available to Ingram Micro’s partners. To get a few more details about this new partner service, I reached out to Zafar Subzwari, Cloud Solutions Manager at Ingram Micro. Following is a summary of our conversation.

Q: What exactly is the Ingram Micro Service Desk offering?
Zafar: The core concept behind Service Desk is that for every business there is a front office with computers, printers, fax machines and other office equipment. Inevitably, something will go wrong with one of these devices and the end customer will need help resolving it. The Service Desk acts as an extension of our partners’ businesses by enabling them to provide their end customers with a 1-800 number to call when they have hardware- or software-related IT problems. The toll-free number rings the service desk at Ingram Micro and one of our trained agents answers the call and begins the incident management process. We have a 24/7/365 operation and all our agents are ITIL-certified and monitored against 38 quality assurance attributes.

Q: Besides the 1-800 number, are there other ways end users can reach the Service Desk?
Zafar: Yes, we have two other communication channels, including email or chat. We monitor all of our communication channels against SLAs, such as speed of handling, call time, resolution time, etc.

Q: Can this service be private-labeled for individual resellers?
Zafar: Yes, during the onboarding process, we capture our partners’ logo and branding information. When one of our agents answers the call, chat, or email the end customer is greeted with a personalized introduction that’s customized to each of our partners. Partners may even port their personal 1-800 numbers to our service desk if they wish.

Q: Who do you see as the target audience for the Service Desk offering?
Zafar: A reseller can use the Service Desk to extend its normal-business-hours service operation to off-hours, weekend, or even 24/7 support. Or, a reseller can use this service to completely outsource front-desk support.

Q: How does the onboarding process work?
Zafar: This was one of the key pain points we wanted to mitigate with the Ingram Micro Service Desk. We have a structured three-stage process that allows us to bring up the service desk within seven days. We have tools built into the process that make it easier to capture resellers’ company and branding information in the first stage. In stage two, we’ll configure a partner’s site, and in the final stage we’ll set up the authentication for each user.

Q: Where should resellers go for more information?
Zafar: Call us at 1-844-256-8346 or visit www.IngramMicroCloud.com for more information.

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